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This jibarm system will give you an unreal point of view, just like Hollywood.
Stanton Triangle Arm w/360 dutch head
This rig has everything. Length availably from 12 ft out to 40 ft with the smoothest controls
in the business. 360 dutch rotation head, works with Canon, Fujinon and Angeneux or prime lens,
Triax, SDI, DSLR  you name it! Three and four wheel dolly carts are available, wheels or dolly track,
and a Crank Wheel Control with Remote Follow Focus. The only "Pan Arm Control" Triangle
in the Central Ohio area. It allows the camera and head to be run like a studio camera.
Have your DP work the camera with the assistance from a jib tech. It makes compound moves
easier with little experience. All parts are cased and can be shipped. On site delivery and a list of
operators and grips are available. A state of the art Stanton camera crane with
the newest control set and the fastest motor upgrade.
Rental Equipment:
Stanton Triangle Jibarm 40ft
Stanton 360 Dutch Head
Stanton PanArm Control Pedestal
Stanton jimmy jib Lite 18ft Jibarm
Stanton Dolly & Track
Stanton Lite Jib Cable Drive Head
Stanton Crank Wheel Control
Jib arm
camera jib
camera crane
boom arm
Panasonic AG-HPX300 HD Camera
Panasonic LH1710 HD Monitor
Glidecam V25 Camera Stabilizer System
Matthews Doorway Dolly
Matthews Track and Wheels
Kino Gaffer Kit (2 x 4ft 4bank)
EZFX Jibarm
EZFX Jibpod & Dolly
VariZoom MC100 Remote Head
Travato Tote Mini-jib
Mackie SRM-450 Active Loudspeakers
Mackie SRS-1500 Active Sub-Woofers
Behringer 212 Active :Loudspeakers
the list goes on . . .

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