I've always loved camera movement.
The depth and beauty it gives the most simple shot
increases production value and offers amazing texture in post.

Since 1989 I've run studio cameras, done live and post audio, technical directed, online
edited, produced, written, directed, but I've never had such a thrill as when running a jib.  
Working with Brainstorm Media, ABC & CBS affiliates, MTV, HBO Sports, FOX Sports and a
large variety of independent clients.  I've done everything from sports, commercial, reality TV,
events to corporate and politicals. I'm a four time Emmy award winning production editor,
writer, producer based in Columbus, Ohio. As senior editor at a production house, I know and
value smooth camera movement in post. Several years ago I started operating and renting
Dollies and Mini-Jibs. In 200
6, I was able to add a 40ft Stanton Triangle with 360 Head and
Remote PanArm Control. Since then, I'm up to 5 jibs and have added a Glidecam V-25 for
those shots which need a smooth walking camera. The newest addition is a DSLR JimmyJIb &
HD monitor and some Kino 4Bank Lights. The wildest rig yet is flying a camera on a
Glidecam with my Handsfree-Transporter Segway X2.
If you need a jib on the move try my
Electric UTV Cart with custom Stanton Mount.
Call or email today for pricing and additional
information, I'd love help with your future camera movement needs.
                                     Many Thanks,
                                                  Gordon Lash
Columbus, Ohio                                             614-554-2260
Some AGL Clients . . .
HBO Sports
The Travel Channel
Sand Masters

ABC, New York
Post House
Brentwood Communications
Brainstorm Media, Inc.
Moonbounce Media
Fox Sports
Taking the stage
TVguy, Inc.
World Harvest Church
New Salem Church
Pilgrim Films
Ghost Hunters
Wendy's International
Kerby Films
Merlin Productions
Curtis, Inc.
HD Ohio
Pink Sneakers
Redneck Wedding
Space Junk
Santa Monica Pictures
TKO Entertainment
Soul Theater
Film Creations
the list goes on . . .
Rental Equipment:
Stanton Triangle Jibarm 40ft
Stanton 360 Dutch Head
Stanton PanArm Control Pedestal
Stanton JimmyJib Lite 18ft Jibarm
Stanton Dolly & Track
Stanton Lite Jib Cable Drive Head
Stanton Crank Wheel Control
Panasonic AG-HPX300 HD Camera
Panasonic LH1710 HD Monitor
Glidecam V25 Camera Stabilizer System
Matthews Doorway Dolly
Matthews Track and Wheels
Kino Gaffer Kit (2 x 4ft 4bank)
EZFX Jibarm
EZFX Jibpod & Dolly
VariZoom MC100 Remote Head
Travato Tote Mini-jib
Mackie SRM-450 Active Loudspeakers
Mackie SRS-1500 Active Sub-Woofers
Behringer 212 Active :Loudspeakers
the list goes on . . .

Call 614-554-2260 for day rates